Nothing in the world sounds more heavenly to book lovers than a snuggle in their comfy chaise lounge with a soft blanket, two fluffy pillows, and a good, good book.

A led floor lamp for those moments is one you can only read by, but can also inspire your imagination and set a cozy, tranquil atmosphere.Read on to learn about How do We Find out the Best Floor Lamps for Your Room?

1.For Bedroom:

The floor lamps you want to place in the bedroom won’t require to be of high color temperature and intensity (or brightness). Having bright blue light in the room will disturb your sleep and make you stay awake. Hence a warm, soft ambiance is needed to produce a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom that aids in sound sleep.

Color Temperature – 2700K to 3000K (light yellow to warm white).

Total Light Output – 4000 lumens

Light Intensity – Lower (dim)

2.For Living Room:

It is the center of the house to rewind, play, and hang out with friends and family, which means they have to be bright, warm, and cozy, which should properly illuminate the space.

Color Temperature – 2700K to 3500K (light yellow to warm white)

Total Light Output – 2000 lumens (or more)

Light Intensity – Bright

3.For Reading Book:

The floor lamp to set for the reading nook has to be bright and cozy which is enough for you to read even the small printed letters. It has to elevate your reading skills without consuming much space.

Color Temperature – 2700K to 4000K (light yellow to white)

Total Light Output – 2000 lumens.

Light Intensity – Bright


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