For any product, consumers research and target items that are durable on one hand, and can operate and serve their purpose for an extended time, on the other. The same logic applies to lighting systems.

Properly selected and installed lighting systems are essential for the operation and the ambiance of the space, to provide sufficient, uniform illumination and make the space more appealing.

Although the variety and options in lighting types and features can make the task of finding the perfect light fixture quite difficult, general guidelines can narrow down the choice.

If the driving force behind the choice is high efficient lights for the home or office space, LED panel lights are a great option to explore.

What are LED Panel Lights?

LED panel lights are the most common lighting choice for indoor spaces.

They can adequately replace the common fluorescent ceiling lights that have been staples of households and offices, offering a considerably brighter and safer option.

LED panel lights are technologically efficient, offer a number of innovative features and benefits that aid in improving our standard of living. Highlighted below are main features and advantages of these types of lighting fixtures.

Benefits of LED panel lights

1.Easy to install


3.Long life

4.Can save you up to 44% on your energy bill

5.Improve productivity when using bright colour temperature

6.Better for the environment

How to choose the right LED panel lights?

1.Purpose of the Space

LED panel lights have a wide range of applications, for residential and commercial use.

2.Personal Choice

Personal choice, as well as aesthetic effects, can interfere greatly in the selection of LED panel lights, given the range of options. Panel light types include square panels, rectangular panels, edge-lit panels, white light LED panels, RGB colour switching panels, back-lit panels, round panels, etc.

3.Installation methods

Not all LED panel lights can be installed in the same way. Generally, the three most common methods of installation are: suspended, surface mounted and recessed LED panels.

Suspended LED panels hang by wires, rods or cables under a mounting body.

Surface-mounted LED Panels are generally the easiest to install as they are readily fixed to the ceiling with screws and clips.

Recessed LED panels are mounted flush with the ceiling. They require some preparation and adjustments to the ceiling and are typically designed to fit into conventional ceiling panel systems.

4.Watts and lumens

Watt is the measurement of energy consumption by the light source.

Lumens is a measure of the total amount of light reflected from a light source. There are different recommended illuminance rates depending on the type of space.

The measure of lumens per watt is a key determination of the amount of lumens the light produces from each energy unit consumed, and therefore tells how energy efficient an LED panel light is.

As LED lights produce more light with less energy, they release more lumens per watt.

Tips to consider when buying LED panel lights


LED lights enhance efficiency and deliver higher output with less energy consumption, which means more light for less lighting panels.

2.Colour temperature

LED Colour temperature can play a major effect in any space, it can change the ambiance and general feeling and is highly dependent on the customer requirements and space function.

These emergency panels should be placed in strategic places like escape routes. They generally consume less power and can last up to three hours.

How efficient are LED panel lights?

LED panel lights are some of the most efficient lighting options in the market.

They have grown in popularity and are used widely because of their energy-efficiency, and can save more than 80% of energy while producing brighter and softer light than their traditional counterparts.

What can affect the performance of LED panel lights?

LED panel lights are made of different components. The quality of each of these can directly affect the performance of the LED panel light. The components are:Aluminium Frame、Diffuser、Light guide plate、Reflective paper、Back plate、LED chip set、The PCB、The led driver.

Purchasing high quality lights ensures high quality components that guarantee safe, smooth and efficient performance.

LED Free Hole Panel Size Guide:

LED panels are available in various sizes, varying according to the intended use. Below are a few common LED light panel sizes:

1.Round panel light: D100*H20mm ,D115*H20mm ,D175*H20mm ,D230*H20mm

2.Square panel lights: W100*W100*H20mm,W118*W118*H20mm,W175*W175*H20mm,W230*W230*H20mm

Where can LED panel lights be used?

Based on their benefits, features and advantages, applications of LED panel lights are huge.

They can be used anywhere, in homes, offices, schools, warehouses, large auditoriums, hospitals, town halls and any space that could benefit from an effective lighting system.

Best LED panel options

Ultra-Slim panel lights

If thin types are a space or aesthetic requirement, Ultra Slim LED panel lights are readily available. They are super thin and can fit into any ceiling.

They are glare-free and can be used in homes, hotels, offices, classrooms, hospitals, etc.

Additionally they’re affordable, and the energy costs you’d save on operation will give a high return on investment.

Especially no need to have holes,it is hole free.


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