Unless you’re some kind of nocturnal ne’er-do-well, few of us enjoy fumbling around outside after dark. Fortunately, the increasingly wide selection of outdoor wall lights provides plenty of options for illuminating your garden, patio or terrace without spending a fortune in the process. In this guide, you’ll discover the best outdoor wall lights you can buy from as little as you imagine.

There are good reasons to invest in some outdoor lights – and especially once the cooler spring months begin to blossom into summer. In the warmer months, it’s great to be able to kick back in the garden, throw a few bangers on the BBQ and socialise with friends and family (depending, of course, on current government guidelines). Why let the minor inconvenience of sunset stop the outdoor fun?

Security is another key attraction for external lights, especially those with movement sensors built-in as standard. Indeed, the best outdoor wall lights are as useful for deterring would-be burglars as they are in helping you find your way around your home and garden in the dark of night.

How to buy the best outdoor wall lights for you?

Which type of outdoor wall light do you need?

There are many different types of outdoor wall lights to choose from. You can take your pick of lanterns, floodlights, uplighters, downlighters and combined uplight/downlight fittings, all of which can come in both mains-connected and solar-powered versions.

If you want the maximum amount of light, you’ll want to choose an outdoor floodlight. These can be simple automatic lights which turn on as the sun goes down, while others employ passive infra-red (PIR) sensors to detect movement. Bear in mind, though, that you can usually switch them on manually if you simply want a steady outdoor light while you’re outside.

The other types of wall lights – lanterns, uplighters and downlighters – tend to focus more on style and subtlety than outright power. You can use these to light up dark corners of your property, or add attractive downlighting or uplighting (or indeed both) to the walls around your home.

How easy is it to install an outdoor wall light?

This depends entirely on the type of light in question. Mains-connected lights are likely to require a good amount of electrical installation experience, and we’d recommend investing in the services of a qualified electrician. When it comes to extending mains cabling through exterior walls to fittings which will be exposed to the elements, you can’t be too careful.

It goes without saying, though, that you will need to mount solar-powered lights in an area which receives sunlight if you want the solar panels to work effectively. You can’t install them under a canopy or heavy tree cover and expect them to function well, if at all.

Do the bulbs need replacing regularly?

It depends entirely on which type of bulb you’re talking about. Lights which employ banks of LEDs won’t need replacing in the product’s lifetime, and aren’t replaceable as a result. In any case, it’s likely that the rechargeable battery will fail long before the LEDs start to expire.

If the lights have standard bulb fittings, such as the models below which use GU10 or E27 bulbs, then the service life depends on the bulb in question. For instance, LED GU10 bulbs give off less heat than their cheaper halogen GU10 counterparts, and so tend to fare a little better in the smaller sealed outdoor fittings where heat build-up may possibly cause issues over time. Regardless of the type of bulb in use, however, they’re easy and relatively cheap to replace.

Anything else to consider?

If you’re using your wall light predominantly as a means to keep opportunistic burglars and other dwellers of the dark away, then you’ll definitely want to choose a wall light with a built-in motion sensor.

These sensors can vary in their range and coverage, so you’ll need to have a rough idea of the size of the area you want to monitor and illuminate before being able to select a suitable model. You’ll also want to take care while installing them to make sure that the light’s position allows the sensors to detect movement in the area desired – if it’s easy to evade them, then they’re not going to be much use for security or practicality.

You can also have more other function like dimming and color temperature,2.4G dimming and color temperature with mobile APP,light-operated,Radar Sensor,Infrared body sensing,Three color light changing,Tuya Smart.

dimming and color temperature

2.4G dimming and color temperature with mobile APP


Radar Sensor

Tuya Smart

Infrared body sensing

Three color light changing

Here I just want to show you The best outdoor wall lights to buy in 2022

Twin Wall Light:The best outdoor wall light for modern minimalism

This affordable, minimalist wall light  is just the ticket for adding some uplighting and downlighting style to a house exterior.

These lights are mains powered, so will require some electrical work to get them installed properly, but the finished effect is worth the effort. The two GU10 bulbs in each light bathe walls above and below with an attractive fan of light, and you can take your pick of LED or Halogen bulbs depending on your preference. You can also use coloured GU10 bulbs if you want to add a little more pizzazz to your exterior lighting.

The IP65-rated fittings are completely waterproof, and the robust die cast design of its outer casing means that they’ll last for years, regardless of the Great British weather. In fact, the only minor complaint we’ve seen from users is that the two exterior steel bolts are a little prone to rust, but these are very cheap to replace.

6 Sided Wall Lantern: The best traditional outdoor wall light

If modern minimalism leaves you cold, the 6 Sided Wall Lantern should prove to be right up your street.

While its looks may be rooted in the past, its thoroughly modern all-aluminium build makes it lightweight and extremely robust. The light fitting accepts both LED or halogen GLS E27 screw cap bulbs, while its built-in PIR sensor has an 8m range and 120° detection field, making it both the perfect way to welcome you home and help you find your key, as well as being an effective security light.

Available in just the classic black finish seen here, the stylish 6 Sided Wall Lantern is a great option for older properties – or for adding a classic look to modern ones.

More Choice Modern

We have more choice modern wall lights,they are different sizes,can be different colors,all of them are made by die-casting aluminium shell and base.Usually what we are selling are for thicker materials,but now also a lot of requirements are for thin ones,but same effect.Some of them we have thick and thin choice,some of them no.If it is popular,then we have.

These are for LED lights,so different chips and driver decide the prices.We will use good ones,so if you want to cheaper price,just change it ,so the cost will be lower.

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